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The mission of Omni Healthcare Services is to use our highly qualified team of professional staff to assist out clients in maintaning and improving their quality of life in the comfort of their homes.

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Omni Healthcare Services provides services at the residents’ homes involving direct care to the client. Each client is staffed appropriately to suit their individual needs. Whether ambulatory or not, wheelchair-bound, bedridden, or convalescing.

Omni Healthcare Services will supply the client with Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Personal Care Attendants, or Sitters/Companions.

  • Registered Nurses
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Personal Care Attendants
  • Sitters/Companions

All services by Omni Healthcare Services are provided by individuals who are licensed in the State of Georgia as Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, or Certified Nursing Assistants.

Omni Healthcare Services

Will provide maximum service to all clients for the period designated by them or their responsible party. This period can last from one day to one year indefinitely. We will provide the prescribed services, making the client as comfortable as possible with the goal of achieving independence where it is obtainable.

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